Become a world class freelancer with Lancrr

I will teach you how pro freelancers find and close high ticket clients that pay $1000-$5000 per month consistently all through social media without using paid ads, upwork or fiverr

No skills required

Don’t have skills? I will teach you how to find clients and outsource your work to someone and chill

No minimum age

You are 14? No problem, your age doesn't matter, you work and dedication is the only thing that matters

No degree needed

Hate to study? F#@k college, no client ever asked me about my qualifications or degree

Are you tired of

Working with low paying, soul sucking, always complaining clients?


You want clients that treat you as an expert

You want clients that pays you $1000+ per month

You want clients that refers you to other clients

That’s why I created these courses to help you start, run and scale a
six figure freelancing business easily

197+ Students have gone from Zero to Pro in 30 days

Who can enrol in my courses?

Feeling confused, overwhelmed and
don’t know how to begin as a freelancer?

My courses will help you become a world class freelancer

Learn tried, tested and proven methods of finding high ticket clients. Get your first high paying client in just 30 days. Easy, step by step, practical methods with live examples.

Intro, support group link, pros and cons of freelancing, job vs freelancing vs agency.

Outbound marketing, how to get your first high ticket client in next 30 days, linkedin, FB, IG prospecting and outreach step by step tutorial.

Inbound marketing, learn to attract clients with your content, why and how to build your personal brand, how to write content to build your personal brand, my content library and templates to copy paste.

Beat competition like a PRO LANCRR, finding your profitable niche, 5 steps niching down method, crafting an irresistible offer for your service, content marketing, how to create niche specific content.

How to charge more while working less? How to charge high, basic sales tricks, sales psychology and converting clients on zoom call. (less client, less headache, more money)

Ask me anything: QnA and doubts sessions recordings.


  • Sales call scripts
  • Message scripts
  • Email scripts
  • My own proposal templates
  • Content templates

Learn to read your clients mind with sales psychology and use proven sales hacks to close any clients at any price you ask. High paying clients know how to negotiate so shouldn’t you know how to sell?

Sales is not selling, how to know a client is cheap or premium, how to build trust and credibility on zoom call.

How to charge above client’s budget.

How to prepare for a zoom meeting.

How to show the 10x value of your work.

Know the budget of a client without asking them.

Handle client objections like “I don’t have money, you are expensive or I will get back to you” like a Pro Lancrr.

Negotiate like a Pro Lancrr.

What to do when client really don’t have budget!

What type of clients should you avoid?

What type of clients pay a high amount?

Don’t send proposals, take money first.

Upsells and downsells and how to justify your high price.

Never quote a fixed price.

NOW or NEVER method of closing a client.


  • Sales call script ($300)
  • Watch me close a client LIVE (x3 Sales call rec.)
  • How to ask questions in a meeting

Get above 2 courses at price of one!


that makes “PRO FREELANCER BUNDLE” a no brainer deal


  • Linkedin post templates 
  • My post templates
  • Proposal templates
  • Copy paste my content
₹6000 Free
  • This is a tooltip


  • Cold email scripts
  • Client call scripts
  • Messaging scripts
  • Cold DM scripts
₹15000 Free
  • This is a tooltip


  • Client call recordings
  • Find clients with me
  • Live prospecting
  • Q&A with experts
₹11999 Free
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Special features

that makes “PRO FREELANCER BUNDLE” a must have toolkit for freelancers

Lifetime access

You will have lifetime access to the course so that even if you enrol now at discounted prices you can still learn later at your own pace. Even if the course prices increases in the future.

Support group

You get a private community of other course members and top freelancers to learn from. Become friends, learn, earn and grow together. On demand monthly live QnA calls with me.

Future updates

You get lifetime future updates at no extra cost, even if masterclass prices are raised. I update the course every 6-8 months and add new useful resources for you.

Be a part of future
of work

60 Lakh+

Top Freelancers earn annually in India

15 Million+

Total number of freelancers in India

30 billion+

Freelance Industry to grow by 2025

Meet your freelancing coach 👋

Hi, I am Him. I have been freelancing for the past 5 years and teaching is my passion.

I have always loved to teach people and transform their lives, more than making money. I love seeing my efforts making an impact in someone’s life. I have helped myself come out of poverty, support my family and now my mission is to help you do the same with the help of freelancing.

From living in someone else’s garage to owning my own 2BHK home, from getting my school fee paid by an NGO to donating Rs. 1 lakh to the same NGO, all this within 4 years of starting freelancing. I have transformed my entire life and I wish to do the same for you!

This is what I have achieved so far:

My courses are for you, if…

If you have any of the above reasons then you should join this masterclass

After completing my courses you will

Make an additional $1000 – $5000 per month working with International clients

Be equipped with all the necessary tools and hacks to become a six figure freelancer

Be more confident while talking to clients and close high ticket clients easily

Go from zero to pro & learn professional process of running a freelance business

What my students say about my courses

Let me kill your doubts

Course is made in Hindi | हिंदी

This course is suited for both beginner and established freelancers. Pro Freelancer Bundle will help you go from Zero to Pro as a Freelancer!

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile. It’s a tangible reminder of your hard work and dedication.

Absolutely! I will be available in support group and community, either me or one of my team will be there to answer your questions. You can also ask fellow community members or on our monthly Live QnA calls. 

My YouTube videos are just the tip of the iceberg, this masterclass takes things to the next level. You will learn ins and outs of freelancing, the professional process finding, closing and working with clients. This is my 5 years of experience in freelancing in a structured manner with guidance & feedback by me. Overall you will learn practical, actionable tips and tricks to help you become a Pro Freelancer.

If you don’t find course content of any value, reach out to me within 14 days of purchase and i will give you a partial refund. I am committed to giving a great experience.

Absolutely yes, if you are not very good at speaking in english you may want to work with Indian clients or close international clients on chat only.

You will get Lifetime access + Future updates. I update course with new techniques and tutorials every 6-8 months and share the update in course support group.

If you don't find any value in course content,
I will return your money*

Education is Cheap, Degree is Expensive

Him Singh

Got a specific question? I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email at or schedule a consultation call here and ask me anything.

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