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Free 10 module video course to get you $10k months in your coaching business!

🔴 Marketing strategies that simply works for coaches

I'm Him Singh,
a web designer and marketing strategist for coaches.

I help coaches command 50k and even 100k using both paid and organic marketing via fb and Li.

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  • You want to reach $10k months in your coaching business

  • You are tired of applying different techniques and hasn't got results you wanted

  • You need a proven and solid marketing strategy that gets you clients on autopilot

  • You want to charge premium prices ($10k+) and attract high paying clients

  • You want clients predictably, scalability and effortlessly in you coaching business

  • You are ready to invest time, efforts and these newly learned strategies into your dream business and become a highly successful coach

Module 1: Mindset

Our priority is to set the foundation right. Success will depend on what you do with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. We take a deeper dive into the art and science of mindset and how it affects every area of your life. We discuss the alchemy of self and the forces that are waging war against each other every day. Defining who you are now and who you NEED to become… will be the difference between success and failure.

Module 2: Niche

How to niche down effectively, target clients easily and charge premium by being a differentiated coach in the industry.

Module 3: Ideal Avatar

Our priority is to get to know the customer from the inside out. We want to be unique and different in the way we present ourselves. Knowing the customer’s internal and external problems… as well as their deepest pains, frustrations and desires, will give you a competitive advantage over your competition. Our goal is to create a NEW opportunity. Something fresh!

Module 4: Offer

This is the most important and thorough module. Most people struggle here and this can make or break your business. A right offer is the soul of your business, kinda the engine of your business.

Module 5: Delivery

In this module we will learn how you will create (if you haven’t already have a program) and deliver your program.

Module 6: Sales

It is all about sales. The truth is that, without sales… your business won’t survive. This lesson is extremely important, as it will allow you to learn all the secrets to closing high ticket sales effortlessly.

Module 7: Branding/website

This is one of our favorite lessons because of how much we truly believe in the power of Personal Branding. Within this lesson you will learn the foundation of every influential and impactful Personal Brand in the world, and use it to not only incrementally grow your business or organization, but change the lives of others for the better.

Module 8: Content

In this module you will learn the incredible power of storytelling. Without question, storytelling is an ancient art form that will never lose its place and influence within humanity. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly telling ourselves stories, and so in this lesson you will learn to become more aware of the stories you tell yourself, as well as the stories your ideal client is telling themselves.

Module 9: Get Clients

Finding clients is the second most crucial thing in a coaching business, you have set up a great offer that no one will say NO to now it’s time to find clients who would say shut up and take my money.

Module 10: Funnels

How To Build A Profitable Sales Funnel and automate clients attraction to build your solid clients pipeline.


The results that we have been able to produce for our students

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